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Dear Mr. Morris,

This is to let you know how pleased I am with the Vehicle Pocket. I installed two of them on my van. Since then, I have had one person a week come up to me as I get out of my car or as I am about to get in comment "Who carries a pen to write a phone number; this is so great, I can just take a card". I have restocked the pockets once since I first installed them.

So far, I have had two people call me and I am going on my first appointment tomorrow, which is outstanding for such a small investment.

I also installed the pockets on both sides of my lawn signs and on one of my employee's vehicle. I count the vehicle pocket as one of my effective marketing tools.

Thanks for the pocket!

Mario Guertin
Painting In Partnership

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Dear Morris,

Very seldom do I get so many compliments on a marketing tool, of all things. Your card pockets on the sides of all my vehicles raise eyebrows everywhere we go. I've had people get out at a stop light , run over, get a card, and run back to their car. It's hilarious. Others have told me "you're so innovative". Well, I'm not innovative, your company is! But it sure reflects well on our customer's opinion of us.

Your customer service has also been excellent. When one of them broke, you sent another immediately without any questions asked.

I'm so happy to have the opportunity to help you out with this testimonial letter, because I truly am happy with your product. Many people have asked where I got these, which is why I've asked you to send me a bunch of business cards. I think anything this good deserves to be supported.

Please feel free to use this letter wherever it will help.


Susan Scott, Owner
Task Team

Dear Mr. Morris,

Our franchisees were very impressed with the business card holder. This will definitely generate more leads along with our new van design. F.C.I. is a mobile flooring company that focus on generating business through low cost marketing ideas. The business card holder is on of the best ideas we've seen since the start up of the company in 1989.

Dianne Whitmore

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Dear Mr. Morris,
We have been very pleased with the results of having the vehicle card pockets on our company vehicles. It was well worth the initial cost, our name stays out there and our information is easily accessible to our potential customers. Vehicle card pockets make our advertising interactive. Regularly people come in to our rug cleaning shop as a direct result of having picked up a card from wherever the vehicle was parked. I know this because we keep track of where clients hear about us with our point of sale software. When I first got the pockets, it took several months to get my first clients from them. Now that I have had them for over a year I am getting clients from the pockets more and more frequently.

In the near future I plan to modify my business cards specifically for the pockets to include a free gift of rug spotter. All the client will need to do is come to our cleaning plant to claim it. Now we have a relationship with this client; they can now put a face to a company, plus they also know where we are located.

It is good to see the card dwindling down, because bottom line, it means that when they are ready, those people; will come to us for information and a really great cleaning job.

I have had a lot of people come up and tell me what a great idea this was and how smart it is for us to have our business cards on our vehicles. I shamelessly take the credit, my hats off to Innovative Advertising Solutions.

Steve Roberts, President
Lug A Rug Cleaning Services Inc.
Victoria, British Columbia

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Eichhorst & Company
Remodeling and Design

These pockets work "Great", I don't think a day goes by without someone taking a card out of my vehicle or trailer pocket holder.

I have several people per week ask me where they can get a set.

The pockets provide a non-threat approach to marketing. On our job sites, people don't wont to bother the workers, but they will walk up to the truck or trailer to take a card. They watch a project being built, take my cards, and call up soon after. They are awesome!

Gary Eichhorst

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B-Line Construction

Vehicle Card Pockets really help us get our name out there. Excellent Marketing - customers don't just see our name and phone number, they take it home with them! The snap really helps protect in versatile weather. THANKS AGAIN!

Meagan Solin
Office Manager

"...I think anyone that has their vehicles out in places where people are, would be crazy not to use these profitable devices [Vehicle Card Pockets]. Many piranha members use them and they love 'em! They have my full endorsement."

- J. Polish, President, Piranha Marketing

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"When I was told I could increase my business revenue tremendously just by attaching a business card holder to the outside of my vehicles, I laughed. I own a commercial/residential carpet cleaning business and since I've installed the "Vehicle Pockets" card holder on my vehicles I can trace 18 jobs back to people who took cards from my Vehicle Card Pocket holders. I am able to make sales while I'm working with no effort at all. This is the best 25 bucks I've ever spent!"

- C. Ward, Owner, First Choice Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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"Vehicle Card Pockets work great. I have to fill them weekly."
- C. Lattuada, B-line Construction

"Using the Vehicle Card Pocket just makes plain old fashioned horse sense. It's probably the quickest, cheapest way I know to turn your van or truck into a marketing and selling tool. I can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to use it."
- M. Cohen, President, [Home] Remodeling Success Systems, Inc.
Editor, Remodeling Success Marketing Newsletter

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"While waiting in the bank drive-thru, a lady actually got out of her car in the next lane and took a business card from my Vehicle Card Pocket. It's a great way to keep my name in front of them as a reminder to call me for the next time they need service.
- D. Williams, Metro Pest Control, Inc.

"Since applying the Vehicle Pockets to our service vehicle - we have people coming up to us saying "Wow, what a great idea." In a 30 day period we had to fill up our Vehicle Pockets with business cards 4 times! We have had multiple jobs come out of this way of displaying our cards, and the clients don't have to hunt us down trying to get our cards. Thanks a lot."
- R. Anspach, Premiere Carpet & Floors

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